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Johnny Depp, Joe Perry, Paul Geary and Bonn

Bonnie performing along side Johnny Depp, Joe Perry & Paul Geary at Hard Rock's grand opening of the Guitar Hotel in Hollywood FL , 2019

Hey! My name is Bonnie and I am the founder of Hz So Good Creative. I've been a creative soul all my life, but professionally, since 2008. I've explored many creative avenues both in the spot light and behind the scenes and have worked with clients both independent + corporate.  



Though my journey began with classical/opera training, a thirst for variety soon took hold. I entered the world of EDM with "Dreaming", a song that garnered millions of spins and a #1 hit for 6 straight weeks in the European radio circuit and landed me an independent tour through Europe. In 2017, I took a trip to Miami, FL that would change my life. Emerging as Country/Rock artist Bonn E Maiy, I released two independent LPs, toured across the USA, performed with Johnny Depp & Joe Perry, and was endorsed by Grace Slick and the estates of Janis Joplin and The Doors. After 4 years away from home & family, I returned to where it all started - figuratively and literally. Back in Canada, I recreated my electronic sound with a new name BRÏAH [pronounced Brie-Ah]. My first release was “If the Sky Should Fall”, a poignant ode to my grand parents suffering from Alzheimer’s. The song has over 2 million cumulative streams and counting. I created a music video for the song, with the purpose of sparking awareness to the wonders of Music Therapy through my campaign "Music Is Medicine". The video is being rolled out in partnership with, SHURE headphones, and with the help of some of very influencial souls. You can check out more on my campaign in my websites navigation menu! 


I use Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro X  (for audio correction). Serving commercial clients since 2019, I've ​worked with commercial companies such as Ford Motor Company (South Florida division), Invisalign, Visit San Antonio, Maverick Gaming, charity organizations (religious & community based), and various creative artists (music, authors, influencers)

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